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Limited stock only - a selection of our fantastic leggings is available at a reduced price!! This is due to a small issue with the heat transfer on the logo, but doesn't affect garment quality.  Click below to shop now!

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New supportive leggings designed by a Physiotherapist to support back, tummy and pelvis. Pre-order now.
Limited quantities due to arrive mid June 2020.

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Supportive Briefs

Designed to be worn immediately after delivering your baby, or for women of all ages that need better support from your under garments during exercise, walking, or day to day activities.

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Love My Pinky's


High waisted


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What do Our Customers Say?

After giving birth to my first baby (a 10 pound boy) I realised how much more comfortable I felt in firm garments post birth.

Not having purchased or packed anything I resorted to using one of my baby wraps as a makeshift garment in order to experience some comfort and stability.
If only I had known about Pinky’s!

A Recent Mum

The Pinky Bloomers sit beautifully thanks to the lower cut of the leg and the high waist sits nicely under the bust without being so tight it restricts your breathing.

The bloomers supported my belly so I instantly found myself feeling more comfortable to engage my core.  

The bloomers are made of a lovely, breathable material and are quick to dry so if you wanted to wash and wear them every day you could. I really love this product and I would recommend them to anyone

A Recent Mum

Wearing my Pinky’s consistently after my delivery for the weeks and months following helped me feel so much more stable in my core, allowing more confidence and comfort when playing with my toddler, carrying my newborn and getting back to everyday life.

The best baby shower present you can buy!

A Recent Mum